Beauty Reload. The Layers.

Beauty Reload. The Layers.

Almost every woman wants to refresh her skin as well as her style once in a while. We all know how it is: new job interview, reunion coming up, new relationship etc… Sometimes we are given 1 week, 1 day, sometimes longer, like 1 month or even half a year. And sometimes we make a grand choice: changing our life for better, healthier and eternally gorgeous!

So what happens when you come to your coach for an advice on what to do?

First of all, we are all different. After speaking to and learning about a woman, I would advise her own personal protocol of actions that will help her to restore. Such protocol contains several modules, or as I call them, layers. Let’s talk about them.

Inner Peace and Life Order

Healthy Nutrition and Exercise

Skincare Routine

Style Reload

In what order will you start using these layers? For each one of us it will be different. Many women will want to work on their outer style in order to feel elegant straight away. It is not a bad choice. Feeling elegant is very important as a first step, because it will give you the promise: from this on it can only get better. Style advise is therefore quite often number one request from women.

Exercise and nutrition, however on position 2 on the above list, are actually essential: they are the foundation of beauty. However, in each individual case it is to be established whether a woman is ready to commit to new lifestyle and in what way or degree. For example, a woman who’s never exercised or has had a long workout-less period, simply cannot be put to a regular exercise routine because she’s quite weak. Unfortunately, many programs and even personal trainers in a gym don’t take this into account. As a result, a woman will be fatigued sooner than she can benefit from fitness (and that is in the best case scenario… worst case will be her heart giveing up). Therefore, I would advise such woman firstly to gain strength, be it special physical activities or inner psychological strength she needs to gain in order to feel strong enough for a new order and fitness routine in her life.

You can now see that the first “layer” in our list, Inner Peace & Life Order, is not put on top for nothing. So many women in our days are stressed. You all know what it means. They have to be guided very carefully, gently and firmly toward such life order that will allow them to make more time and effort for their beauty and health. After the seed of motivation and success is planted in your head, you are ready to start a wonderful journey toward the new You.

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