Maintaining Homestasis, or Why You Restore

Maintaining Homestasis, or Why You Restore

I think the major reason why so many women get older sooner trying to “accept” the changes in their body is that women simply don’t believe they actually can restore. How many times have we heard people say things like “Well, it’s age, what do you want”, or “I put on extra weight because I’m older”, or “Wrinkles just belong here, it’s who I am because I got older” etc etc…

To some extent this is true. I have never seen a 100 year old person looking like he/she is 22. It’s just never happened in recorded history. Not a single beauty/health guru, M.D. or even a witch look like they preach in their “anti-aging” books. Why not? Why do we so rarely see people with outstandingly preserved look? Well, probably because every living thing in nature has its cycle of life, and because no living thing is isolated from the world around. We are what we eat and we are what we breath, so to say. A perfectly preserved person would be a client of cryogenics, the one with all life systems on pause; he would wake up in 300 years and look the same. Because life, by definition, is a complex process of maintaining itself on a path into another form, which we call death. If you don’t live, you don’t die.

So what are wrinkles, gray hair, lackluster eyes, and other signs of aging? I believe they are the result ofwearout. Running out of life force, as some say. Because as I said earlier, maintaining life requires work. The work of living.

A flower grows from a seed, develops a stem, then a button, then a flower, then it gets pollinated (multiplies), and then at some point it fades until not only a flower but also a stem get back to earth enriching it for feeding further seeds. This is a natural cycle of life which we cannot change. However, many of you have plants at home or a garden, and you all know that under very hot sun, lack of water or strong wind, a flower may not even live to see her first bee. In other words, environment has impact on a living thing, and it does have impact on us. People who enjoy too much sun, develop wrinkles earlier and may even die of skin cancer. People with poor nutrition will get various diseases for sure. People who can’t filter bad emotions, will get weakened heart. And so on goes the list.

Natural cycle of life makes us mortal. Conditions we live in make us mortal sooner or later, in better or worse shape.

Now, if you’ve seen your flower start fading, what would you do as a good housekeeper? Of course you first give it water, take it back from that hot sunny spot and maybe even buy it some nutrients powder. The next day that little but strong creature is back in full glory, spreading petals and looking cheerful. The same thing basically happens with a human person. Why? Here it comes…

While I hate boring your pretty head (and mine) with science, I have to tell you a little about homeostasis.

from Wikipedia

Homeostasis (from Greek: ὅμοιος homos, “similar” and στάσις stasis,“standing still”), is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.

Now, we talked earlier about wear-out. We all know what it is. Your car does it all the time. If a car drives, it wears out, all parts of it. Even if it stays in a garage 100%, it still wears out because of oxygen and dust impact. (A human is not much different.) So once in a while you take the car to your mechanic, he checks stuff, makes notes about what parts are to be changed, and then he puts shiny new parts into your car, oils the rest, and so it drives again, sometimes even better than before. You take good care of your car, don’t you. The same way you should take care of yourself. You are definitely more important than your car.

Restoration on a person is possible the same way as it is possible on a car, only better: a car doesn’t care, while your body actually longs for maintaining homeostasis a.k.a. the order of things. If we help it, it will work along and will even outsmart us eventually, because our body knows how to work better than all doctors in the world. It just needs help.

You may ask “So what, I can erase all my wrinkles just like that? Get my teeth back? What else?” Well, such things are not that simple. In principle, an organic form has been genetically programmed to do this or that. At this point we are limited and cannot grow new teeth or body parts on our own. In lab, they are only starting to grow skin and organs, but only outside the body. However, we shouldn’t underestimate how many things are reversible, and even more are preventable.

Prevention and restoration go hand in had all our life. Prevention is the king, and restoration comes only after. We’d rather prefer not to restore our wearing out, but we have to, because wearing out is essential with living, as I said earlier. We can prevent UV damage by not using tanning beds, and we can to some extent correct UV damage if intervene early using the right tools. UV damage will happen anyway to some point, but you can minimize it. You can control how much you wear out, not if. After that you can choosehow you restore, not how much.

If you remember this, each action you take in life, will be seen as a factor that wears you out and you only have to guess how much you can restore. This way you can learn to live safe and preserve your health and beauty longer.

You see, many modern scientists simply don’t believe that aging is necessary. They consider it a pathology, a disease. While the quest for “eternal life” is as doomed as absurd (I mean, why would you want to live forever and how on Earth would civilizations grow if the same idiots stayed at the wheel forever), there is actually a greater goal in all this: we do want to live longer staying younger, more active, vital, healthy, happy and useful. We are that flower that You Know Who planted, and we would upset him deeply if we went soon, sick and sad.

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