One Irresistible Newsletter

One Irresistible Newsletter

I know just one winning kind of scattering one’s mental pattern: Christmas in the middle of the year. I know for sure my Ebay customers love it, when they receive my parcels with net-a-porter style ribbons and tissue paper all around something they bought for 5 euros. They simply don’t expect double-stiched ribbons on Ebay (bubble envelope is often the best you can hope for). That’s why I often get lovely emails from customers many of which sound like “it felt like Christmas opening your box!”

When I received this newsletter from MOO today, that’s exactly what I experienced: this Christmasy or Birthday’sy feeling of unwrapping, and discovering, and wondering.

First there was this email subject: “Look what’s inside”. Routinely trashing emails, I had to linger and eventually opened to look what’s inside, otherwise I’d never know. This is the newsletter:


Isn’t it genius? How can you NOT click on it now?


Oh well, it’s just a discount code. But for a second there I felt it was my birthday! Now, how many promotion newsletters have you trashed? Were subjects boring? Was the inside plain text? MOO packed three calls for action, one of which is merely an email subject. Then they added cute graphics and the magic word “box”. Done. What’s to learn from this one? This is a great newsletter that you can’t resist. Because everyone likes a little treat indeed.



  1. Avatar October 22, 2014 / 21:53

    Such a delight to see a new format of your website. Quoting you, a visual “treat indeed”.

    • admin
      October 23, 2014 / 04:21

      Luba, thanks so much! Ooh, there is still so much to do, but i decided to get it live already ))

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