Online Stylist Rates

20 Shades Of Beauty is a personal imagemaking system for women that defines authentic traits (coloring, geometry and mannerism) in 20 distinct style identities and nearly 2000 blends, integrating superior color and style theories into one vision.

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Would you like to know

Out of 20 SHADES and nearly 2000 BLENDS,
you are one of them and the only one.
Contact me today for the most nuanced personalized advice
in color and style analysis (yes, 2-in-1)


The virtual online option of Color & Style Analysis is a great alternative for people who cannot travel to my studio. Your analysis will be ready in +/- 7 days. 


  • assessment of your images
  • final verdict and placing you into one of 20 Shades and one or two out of 2000 style blends
  • a personal Custom Pinterest Board with inspiring looks and items
  • tons of visuals on my detailed Pinterest boards I personally maintain every day; you will receive links to specific boards all equally useful for your style, including the blend itself, its parts, celebrity style ideas, and much more
  • answering your questions in email during 2 weeks after consult

The current rate is USD 125,00 via Paypal.