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To commission a piece directly from a painter truly means participating in a sacred process and influencing art history. Okay, how about just having something perfect for your own space and attuned to you?

Free Rendering

Just send a picture of your space that needs art, and I will model the desired size and frame, and send it back to you to see how it’s going to look.

Your Involvement

Be involved in the process by reacting to my occasional “making of” pictures and questions, so that we stay on the same line until the perfection is achieved.

How It Works

Please make sure to place the order at least 3 months beforehand, to assure smooth production and shipping. Investment starts at EUR2,000.


Find a space in your home that needs a perfect piece of art and identify the emotions and atmosphere you want to create.


Send me a picture of your space, your thoughts about the desired artwork, and I will render in Photoshop, for free, a smiliar artwork for you to see what you can approximately expect.


Now the Order is placed, and we are brothers in arms. During the whole process, we will exchange emails, pictures and notes, making sure that composition and colors stay on course.

Approve & Receive

After your complete approval, the artwork will be carefully packaged, the Certificate of Authenticity attached, and shipped to your address anywhere with a tracking number.


It is about how you see the world…


On-trend feminine fashion illustrations represent the playful nature of every woman’s alter ego.


Intellectual abstract art exists on its own, while adorning your home with a perfectly captured moment of emotion.


Fashion Photography & Brand Color Curation

My background of creating things of bold trends and timeless harmony dictates the best practices, from concept to execution and final representation.

  • Premium Artist Tools

  • Guaranteed Authenticity

  • Tracked Shipping


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