Routine: Happy vs “Correct” Life

Routine: Happy vs “Correct” Life

My husband decided to improve his diet. Not all at once, but one step at a time. Yesterday we had a conversation whether he should let go off a cheese sandwich or a meatball at lunch. One step at a time, not rushing.

Commitment is a daughter of habit. A habit is a daughter of will. First you have to will to change. Then, by self-discipline, you change your habits until new habits are formed (habit is a way of action that your mind or body considers natural, almost automatic). Then you commit to your habit by following it every single day of life.

To some of you it may sound scary. Like almost doomed. It is okay. Conquering yourself is not called the most difficult victory for nothing. It is indeed quite difficult, no matter how rewarding. And some rewards may leave you waiting for longer than you wish.

Therefore, you should never wait. You should live in the present moment and have actual, present benefits from the lifestyle you acquire.

You have to find a balance between two things: what you do and whether it makes you happy. It is not only important to live a long life or to preserve a figure, but it is also important to live well. Some types of people become happy when their life takes a strict routine. Other people will actually be very unhappy if they have to do unforgiving routine every single day of their life. How loose or strict you are is up to you.

However I do believe that some sort of routine is absolutely necessary for everyone. Routine gives a sense of safety, to put it shortly. Remember when you were a child, you knew you had to go to bed at a particular time and you knew you had to get a bedtime story read to you. You’d feel unsafe and disturbed if it hadn’t happened. This quality never completely leaves you.

However, too much routine and too many restrictions can leave you deprived too. It can even influence your social life in a way you don’t want. It can make you less flexible. It can even steal a part of your soul. Remember, a woman is like water, a flowing, flexible, changeable substance that needs freedom. In Russia, we have an expression “take away her wings – she goes on a besom”.

So what to do? The trick is of course to find a routine that will work for you personally and will not feel like sacrifice. A routine that works for your personal goal. What is your Nr. 1 goal? Weight? Skin? Physical vitality? Mental productivity?


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