Youngest Looking People

Youngest Looking People

In the article Maintaining Homeostasis, or Why You Restore we touched a little bit on a subject of real people who look very young. This interests me because such people are a great subject for a study.

Like I’ve already said in that article, I have never seen a 100 year old person looking like he/she is 22. It’s just never happened in recorded history. Not a single beauty/health guru, M.D. or even a witch look like they preach in their “anti-aging” books. Why not? Why do we so rarely see people with outstandingly preserved look? I see 2 main explanations for this.

1. Almost no guru practices a fully integrative approach to preservation. You hardly see a Tibetan monk using retinol serum.

2. You can’t beat nature. Environment and inner life processes do age us.

Integrative approach to preservation. Who are most of the guru’s? Most of them are nutritionists, dermatologists, and former models. Sometimes spiritual and esoteric stuff comes into play. Many of those people have wonderful teachings about skin. However, very few of them could say they’d started on the right foot with their skin from the day they were born.

You can’t beat nature. Every living thing in nature has its cycle of life, and because no living thing is isolated from the world around. We are what we eat and we are what we breath, so to say. A perfectly preserved person would be a client of cryogenics, the one with all life systems on pause; he would wake up in 300 years and look the same. Because life, by definition, is a complex process of maintaining itself on a path into another form, which we call death. If you don’t live, you don’t die.

Although looking 20 when you’re 100 is a utopia, I do know about some interesting cases of people looking 30 in their 50s. They are not legion, obviously, but they are an amazing example for all of us. Some historical figures and a handful of modern celebrities make up an interesting group of people whose “secrets of eternal youth” I gladly share and discuss with my clients and readers.


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