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Celebrity Color Analysis: Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis is True (Warm) Sping, a gorgeous golden bright season, best wearing all shades of May flowers, seawater and what's underneath (corals of all sorts that is). Wearing some Autumn colors is acceptible as long as you don't go too dusty. Remember, Autumn...

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Celebrity Color Analysis: Milla Jojovich

Well it's been a struggle (a very pretty one!) My first idea was some sort of Winter, with her contrast abilities and freshness in white. When I started comparing Milla to recently analyzed Emma Willis, I realized Emma was so much softer (Milla saved Emma by replacing...

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Celebrity Color Analysis: Xenia Sobchak

Russian socialite and TV-host Xenia Sobchak (Ксения Собчак), the daughter of late politician Anatoly Sobchak, to my opinion, is Bright Spring. I simply cannot look at her wearing lilac, summer pastels, and anything boring. Spring greens though are amazing on her, pale...

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