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Hear the ancient violins,
Old and creaky gates.
In our silky silence
Ribbons turn to chains.

Sure this is your stable
And my limbs enchained.
You think you are able.
You think I am trained.

Wipe the dusty window,
Look out in the gray.
You are in my kingdom,
My Milky Way.


Thank you for leaving,
For leaving me, the paper world, the songs
Thank you for killing,
For killing me, with all my wrongs,
You’re kind.
Thank you for seeing
How words and chords are weaving,
Are weaving all the meaning:
Left hand, right hand, I understand;
For every yes and no:
They come and go,
Oh now I know.
So thank you.
Thank you, “who”-ever you might be,
“What”-ever, should I say, you see,
Because I thank for knowing:
It’s never been ‘bout you and me.

April 2020

Рисуя вздернутую бровь

Рисуя вздернутую бровь,
Я не томлюсь пустой досадой,
И не кусаю губы в кровь,
Спокойно проводя помадой.

Мой черновик дождями смыт
Давно. И потому, быть может,
Я знаю, чем оплачен стыд,
При том, что плач – еще дороже.

Я не рискую в яму пасть
От взгляда или поцелуя.
Рычанье, шепот, кому, страсть,
И рай, и ад – всё нарисую.

It Is About Damn Time

No questions asked, we take
Our whole lot to the end.
Politely, we don’t break
Smug liars’ verbose trend.

Oh yes, you, too, play games,
Be it your love or war,
While it’s still in your veins:
That bloody thirst for more.

While some malicious jazz
Merrily rules the world,
Over-the-counter death
Forever marks you “Sold”.

No! Fuck it! I’m fed up
With this relentless game.
I did this: my bruised heart,
My spirit wrecked with shame.

My life, the stubborn deck,
Left me just this one dime.
But I will fuck it back.
It is about damn time.
*Sophia Parnok Nov 2 1932, translated and slightly adapted by me*

Moon Clock

The ancient female spirit is dancing to the ticking hands of the moon clock.
Under that moon, somewhere in the ocean of tears and blood,
Among solitary icebergs of pride and islands of doubt,
Where the Truth of the Ego and the Truth of the Soul
Swim toward or away from each other,

Somewhere there in the middle,

I shall meet you if you are brave.
I shall guide you if you are in dark.
I shall sing to you if you are tired.
I shall embrace you if you are cold.
I shall love you if you don’t need it.