Each of my color recipes shall indicate at which percentage it is used relative to your total casting mass. For example, for a 2% recipe: if the total casting mass is 140 g, consisting of 100 g powder, 40 g liquid, then the dry pigment mix would be 2.8 g.

When using Jesmonite® AC100, measure the needed casting mass according to this formula:

• Measure the volume of your mold by filling it fully with water.
• Divide the volume by 2. This will be your Liquid weight.
• Multiply the liquid weight by 2.5. This will be your Powder weight.
• Combine the liquid and powder to get the total Casting Mass weight.

When using a different carrier (acrylic gypsum, plaster, cement, etc.), follow the instructions on the packaging to measure the materials.

Want to save tons of time measuring everything?
Download my all-inclusive Jesmonite spreadsheet here >>

This spreadsheet precisely calculates the amount of Jesmonite AC100 powder, liquid, filler, and pigment needed for your mold’s volume and product recipe. Simply measure the mold’s volume by filling it with water, and the sheet will handle the rest.

The sheet automatically calculates filler loads of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. What’s a filler? It’s usually your terrazzo! Alternatively, you can use sand, mother of pearl chips, or other decorative fillers.

Additionally, the spreadsheet calculates pigment loads of 1%, 2%, 3%, and 4%. Moreover, the spreadsheet is invaluable for my color recipes, as it calculates all parts based on the total pigment load in grams.