What is Limited Edition?2020-09-05T09:42:24+00:00

My prints are Limited Edition, because after 30 prints are sold out, the reproduction of the artwork is stopped for good, so only 30 people in the world will possess that picture. Therefore, each print is numbered and signed by hand to prove its authenticity. Also, great care is taken and professional service is involved to produce these prints: from premium archival printing process to elegant framing behind matte glass – everything assures your purchase is a Wall Jewel from Tiffany, and not from the market.

What happens if my art arrives damaged?2020-09-03T17:27:42+00:00

That would be very unfortunate for both of us! Please notify me within 3 days of delivery and provide photos of damaged part(s). I will take it from there and either arrange replacement or refund. You can read more about our Refund Policy here >>

What are the artwork dimentions?2020-09-05T11:44:25+00:00

For each print I offer a number of sizes, from Small to Large. If you scroll to the item’s Description, you will find very detailed specifications of image size, frame/mat, and eventually the total outer size. Measure your space to decide what print will be perfect.

If you need other size (for example, XL or XXL), please email me with your inquiry, and I will be happy to send you a personal estimate of the work and shipping.

Original artworks’ dimensions are carefully listed in their Description.

I’m a professional / blogger and would like to collaborate / take interview.2020-09-03T17:26:49+00:00

I am delighted you do! Get in touch anytime.

Is VAT included?2020-09-03T17:41:34+00:00

9% Dutch VAT is added to the price for non-business customers EU-wide (you will see the exact price breakdown during Checkout). If you are an EU business, please email me to place a tax-free order. Customers outside EU shop tax-free.

I am in Netherlands. Can I come pick up my order?2020-09-03T17:27:26+00:00

Yes! It will save you on shipping. Please make an appointment. The order payment must be fulfilled digitally before pickup is arranged.

Do I receive my artwork framed?2020-09-05T12:34:13+00:00

Fine Art Prints are shipped framed. Modern Prints (Dibond and Metal) ship framed or sleek, depending on what suits the artwork, are ready to install and gift. Some originals I ship framed, and others unframed, although I’ll be happy to frame it for you if you just contact me for a personal estimate and tell me your desired frame style.

All prints have hanging gear attached, and therefore you don’t have to do anything, just unpack, hang, and enjoy immediately 🙂

Do I get an invoice?2020-09-03T17:27:55+00:00

Of course, digital invoice, done deal.

Can I view work in person?2020-09-03T17:27:02+00:00

For select customers (collectors, designers, galleries) I offer live seeing in my studio near Amsterdam. By appointment only. Please include references.

Are your prints matte or glossy?2020-09-03T17:29:19+00:00

Canvas prints are usually glossy, unless you require otherwise. Fine Art Paper Prints are usually matte or satin and placed behind non-reflective glass.

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