While Summer seasons are traditionally considered soft, subtle and classic, when real weather kind of summer knocks on the door, you can look stunningly joyous, like Bella Hadid in Rouge Dior campaign, just by using the ultimate winning lipstick shade: RASPBERRY. This family of fresh medium pink colors goes under a few other names, among which most common are Crimson and Ruby.

How to look for this shade when shopping?

In a whole range of lipstick swatches, make note of the shades that are neutral-to-cool medium-bright berry-based pinks. Light Summers would use the lightest variants of such color, while Soft Summers will use the muted version of cool berry pinks. True (Cool) Summer can go with the most vivid fresh true raspberry. Common names cosmetic brands give to this range of colors are floral (azalea, rose, orchid, hibiscus, cyclamen, peony, petal), anything with pink & girly (“glow”, “kiss”, “baby”, “princess”, “girl”, “ballet”, “rouge”, “blush”), or summer food (cherry, cerise, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, candy, lemonade, punch, grapefruit, radish).

Which pink lipsticks to avoid if you are Summer?

Avoid shades like clear magenta and fuchsia, hot pink and dark plum; they are usually too aggressive for the season that is all about fresh delicacy. I usually find that berry- or petal-based pinks are lovelier of a woman’s face than orchid- or violet-based pinks; they simply are more natural for human coloring, and they are more romantic and feminine. If you are looking into corals, you should stay on the coolest side of their range, like a watermelon kind of pink.

As a general guideline, Summers, with their delicate skin, usually do best with lip products of transparent qualities: glosses, sheer moisturizing lipsticks and tinted balms. Opaque lipstick can be used in the evening.

If you want to add Drama, you can use a striking dark pink-based red lipstick. I find that Summers (especially Light and True Summer) look absolutely gothic (in a good sense of the word!) with such contrast to their cool pale skin.

If you are not sure about your best makeup colors, check out my Pinterest for more ideas in each color season, or schedule a personal consultation.